Getting some Grub

Posted by on August 24, 2011

You realize the phrase had to come from somewhere, right?

Getting your Grub on?

Something I had before only associated with the Lion King, when our guide talked about the chance to go “grub hunting” I was actually pretty excited. She being a bit of an insecto-phobe, Joanna and Batiste stayed behind on this one.


While our all-around awesome cook/guide/porter/fixer did most of the heavy work with the axe, the children were also excited to get into nooks and look for these tasty treats.


Ed (our guide) and I mainly stood back and watched, through I did a lot of slipping in the mud (even barefoot, I had no hope) and taking of photos as well.


After we finally acquired a pretty impressive pile o’ grubs, we headed back to the house and (after they were toasted a bit on the fire) took to snack time.

I didn’t get any video of the actual consumption, but my main thought while eating one (and only one) was that it took forever to chew it down to where it seemed safe to swallow. I was told “banana” before I tried, but I thought the flavor a little more earthy than that gives it credit for.

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  1. Mom

    Again – YUCK!

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