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If Zacatecas was my favorite day, Guanajuato was probably my favorite city.  At the same time an important historical city and a university town, it has two of the things I tend to like a lot in places I visit.

Jenny, Oscar, and I arrived in Guanajuato a few hours before our other fraternity brother (Gerry) and his girlfriend (Ines) were supposed to get to town.  We wandered through the old part of town for a while, finding a granary-prison-fortress called El Alhondiga where the heroes of Mexican Independence threw the first boulder at Spanish rule.  We also found time to “explore” the campus and buildings of the University, one of my personal favorite hobbies when the three of us were in college at Centenary together.  Similar to in Zacatecas a few days before we ended up wandering the streets early in the night with a band and a crowd, though the Studentina here felt a lot more commercialized and touristy than the low-key local fun of the first time.  After meeting up with Gerry and Ines, we went in search of dinner and found ourselves dancing with our own private Mariachi band in a gazebo in front of the Spanish theater.

We woke up early the next day to do a private tour of all the sites in town.  A Cathedral built by a rags-to-riches silver baron, a museum dedicated to the torture methods of the Spanish Inquisition, another Silver Mine (this one used for research by what is surely one of the only colleges I’ve heard of with a Mining major), and the semi-creepy Mummies that Guanajuato is known for in the archeological world.

Post-dinner, and after catching the last 3 minutes of a movie being shown on the steps of the University for the Film Festival, we stumbled across a concert outside of the Alhondiga to end the night.

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2 Responses to Guanajuato

  1. Escape Hunter

    Guanajuato is wonderful, scenic… But during recent years Mexico has been going through a rough time with so many killings during the drug war. I know it scares many away.
    How was the situation in Guanajuato?

    • Stephen

      When I was there fine, but granted this was several years ago now. However, even then I got the idea that the whole situation was overblown in international media so it might be worth doing some research with people who have been there more recently.

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