Cameron Highlands Hiking

Posted by on April 27, 2011

After having spent quite a bit of time in cities lately, a bit of nature was my first priority upon getting back to Malaysia.


Just a few hours away from KL, the Cameron Highlands offered hiking to ease my travel-weary soul. Trails surround the main town of the Highlands, winding up mountains and down ravines through woods filled with small animals, monkeys, and birds.


My favorite moment in the area was on a back-trail, as I walked along just thinking about thinking. Suddenly a crash in the trees just off the trail caught my notice, and I looked up in time to see a troop of monkeys flying overhead. I stood watching until they were obscured by the treetops, and the comparative quiet of the birds and bugs returned.


Unlike so many of the concrete “trails” I’ve seen in the past few months, most of the Cameron Highlands’ network is legit hiking through the forest. Several times I was forced up what might be described less as a trail, and more like a conveniently-placed root staircase. Taxing, but fulfilling all the same.

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  1. codeman

    awesome. check on the logistics for exporting monkeys out of malaysia for me-

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