Hiking Hong Kong Island

Posted by on October 21, 2011

Hiking Hong Kong Island

The night of arriving into HK and heading straight for the ‘fire dragon’ in Victoria Park, my two favorite Hong Kongers (Matt and Liz) and I resolved to get up the next day and celebrate their Moon Festival vacation day by heading outdoors to do some hiking.

Down we go!

Down we go!

We headed onto one of the surprisingly numerous sections of trail on Hong Kong island, and wound a bit over some small rises and past some of the city’s reservoir lakes.

Right above Repulse Bay.

Right above Repulse Bay.

Just after a view of Repulse Bay and a quick downhill, we stared up perhaps the most intimidating climb I saw the entire time I was in HK.

Stanley-area in panorama.

Click for larger view.

After a climb more mentally than physically challenging, though, we ended up with a nice view over Stanley (our destination) and the happy knowledge that it was all downhill from there.

Sunset over Lamma island.

Sunset over Lamma island.

Except it wasn’t. After one last quick hill and a stair-heavy descent to Stanley, we were definitely ready for the beaches and burger joints of the Stanley waterfront.


Hiking Hong Kong island is, I think, not really at the top of most visitors’ itineraries in the city. There are some really beautiful trails scattered around HK, though, and even a couple of long-distance ones that cross the Island and the New Territories or circle around Lantau. Definitely give some thought to hiking Hong Kong if you have extra time in the SAR!


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2 Responses to Hiking Hong Kong Island

  1. Escape Hunter

    Beautiful scenery. But I think breathing wasn’t easy while hiking in HK…

    • Stephen

      As far as pollution? You might be surprised, these areas are delightfully nature-y compared to being down between the skyscrapers of Central.

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