Hiking Tana Toraja

Posted by on March 13, 2011

Hiking Tana Toraja

After a week of relative laziness on Togean-Kadidiri and a few days driving arounf Tana Toraja on motorcycles, we decided to do some hiking into less-visited villages in the area.

The first day saw a bit of lazy climbing and trails running past small settlements full of Torajan architecture and quite frightened Torajan dogs.

After a few hours of hiking and a delicious lunch carried in by our guide, we sighted our destination far off from the top of a hill.

Finally, after a full day of hiking and one treacherous river crossing…

…we arrived (stinky and tired)  to “our” village in the valley for the night.

A quick dip in the river got rid of the stinky problem, and delicious food and an 8 hour coma fixed the tiredness.

The next morning, after a look around the village to admire all the architecture and buffalo horns…

…and then, on the way out, were escorted a little ways by a couple of  children.

At trails’ end, waiting for a ride, small children see cameras and go in for the kill.

We arranged our guides locally in Rantepao. If you’re in a hurry, though, check out the options available on GetYourGuide.

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