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Posted by on September 5, 2013

I got an email recently from up-and-coming travel/hotel review website asking me to partner with them for an upcoming promotion whereby I put up a post about a their September “Help Happy Holidays Happen” promotion (more on that in a moment) and for every person that clicks through this post to write a hotel review on their website I get a small commission. Though it isn’t the focus of the promotion, I also read deeper and found out that they offer free frequent flier miles for reviews! First, though, the promotion:

Every review gets the author entry into a prize raffle, with special promotions for each of the five weeks of the promotion:

Holiday Check Reviews and Raffle

Holiday Check Reviews and Raffle

September 02 – 08:
Spa Holiday for 2 in Austria

September 09 – 15:
Sports/Winter Holiday for 2

September 16 – 22:
City Break for 2 to Paris/Rome/Barcelona

September 23 – 29:
Escape for Two (Canary Islands/ Balearics)

September 30 – October 6:
Family Trip (2 Adults/ 3 Children) to Mallorca + Flights

I was initially dismissive of the promotion until I started digging a bit deeper and realized something else important: every review earns free airline miles! The earning options per review are: Lufthansa Miles&Smiles (120 miles), AirBaltic (150 miles), and AirBerlin (300 miles). These last two actually represent a pretty cool value, given that AirBaltic redemptions start at 4200 miles and AirBerlin runs promotional rewards as low as 1500. That potentially represents a free flight for 5 reviews if you can catch an AirBerlin promo. Even if not, though, AirBerlin is in the OneWorld Alliance and Lufthansa is StarAlliance so on both you could still use this to top up an account in order to redeem on a partner airline outside of Europe.

(The only catch is that these are limited to 10/month per partner, but I’ll definitely be doing 10 for Sept and 10 for Oct to credit to AirBerlin and AirBaltic. If you don’t already have an AirBerlin account, they’re currently also offering a 500 mile sign-up bonus.)

Hotel reviews on sites like this are, of course, helpful in and of themselves for knowing what to expect out of a hotel and what sort of restaurants/attractions/etcetera are nearby. In filling out reviews on this month,  though, you not only get to help out the travelers that come along after you but also get some free frequent flier miles in the process. I’ll for sure be doing a couple to top up an orphaned stash of AirBerlin miles that I’d written off as dead. (And if you win one of those free trips, remember who brought it to your attention in the first place!)

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-05at32735PM_zpsfaec3771.png

AirBerlin TopBonus: 300 miles/ review.

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-05at43540PM_zps0c811ea6.png

AirBerlin’s TopDeal tickets. Berlin to Copenhagen for 2500 miles! Berlin to Moscow for 6000!

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-05at32741PM_zpsbe03244a.png

Lufthansa Miles&More: 120 miles/ review.

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-05at25952AM_zps4f96f9c9.png

BalticMiles Partner Page


Note that this post is sponsored by, but I do think it represents an excellent value both as a review site and as a way to earn small amounts of frequent flier miles to top up existing stashes. And if somebody I know wins one of the prizes, so much the better!

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2 Responses to Free Airline Miles! (And more!)

  1. MightyTravels

    What’s your favorite redemption for Miles & More?

    • Stephen

      Assuming you stick with coach and book on partners that don’t charge fuel surcharges, their 50k US to Europe is a good value (especially since you can do a stopover on both legs of the trip) [book quick, though, as I think US Airways is one of the only partners this is possible on without the surcharges!] and 35k for US to Central America/Carib is pretty solid as well given that it costs the same as UA but still allows the extra stopover. They also have award sale fares that can be a good value if they happen to match where you want to go:

      If you’re looking for more info than that, Millon Mile Secrets has the best write-up I’ve seen of their mileage sweet spots:

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