Hong Kong Temple Street Market

Posted by on February 8, 2012

Hong Kong Temple Street Markets

temple street market hong kong

On one of those many “passing through Hong Kong” trips I’ve made over the past few months, I talked Matt and Liz (my two favorite HK residents)  into heading out one night to the relatively well known Temple Street Night Market.

hong kong temple street market

Expecting a food street type set-up, it ended up being more like a big bazaar (or maybe flea market?) stretching over the length of Temple Street between two metro stations. It seemed to be a combination of souvenirs and trinkets and jewelry and discount clothing with a handful of fool stalls and fortune-tellers peppered in at occasional intervals.

To my regret now, I never did sit down to talk with any of those fortune tellers. With the sheer number of them I saw both here and at other temples in Hong Kong, it seems like an important local tradition that I should have explored!

temple st market hong kong

There were also a ton of restaurants in the buildings surrounding the street market. I’m much more of a street food kind of guy, but some of the meals being served looked so tempting that it would be easy to let yourself be drawn away to a proper meal!

As a bonus though, those food stalls sell all the offal (awful?) you can eat. Anybody for a bile burger? (Ok… probably not really bile burgers. Still, organs are gross.)


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3 Responses to Hong Kong Temple Street Market

  1. fitz

    Well, liver is good, and sausage is packed intestine, I’ve had a few dishes with kidney in them and enjoyed them…. so what’s your objection?

    And yes, they are gross, in concept, but they taste good.

    • Stephen

      Liver is debatable, though I’m not sure if the question is one of source or preparation. Sausage, granted, is delicious. As to kidney, I’ve never knowingly tasted one that I liked. Feel free to host a kidney cookoff next time I’m in Shreve, though, and prove me wrong!

  2. Nan

    I agree with you 100%. Good call!!

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