Hurghada City Center

Posted by on November 11, 2013

Hurghada City Center

The focus of my time in Hurghada was very much spending time out on Desert Safaris and Submarine Tours, but of course I spent a bit of time in the town itself as well.

 photo IMG_6606_zps0d59d17a.jpg

Hurghada’s central Mosque.

Most of what I’d head about the place before my arrival was along the lines of “a colony of the Russian Empire, with dudes who are ready to fight and blondes who will deplete the world’s bleach resources” and to be honest it didn’t always feel too far off.

 photo IMG_6706_zps5bf9745e.jpg

Revolution graffitti?

The whole ‘tourist strip’ of hotels and shops, anyways, was home to more Russian language than I’d heard since leaving Bishkek a month and a half earlier. Down in the more city center areas, though, the feel was a bit different.

Backstreet Pancakes?!

The loveliest little pancake shop in the world.

Politically Activist

Egyptians still seem to love Americans, but the anti-Morsi folks aren’t quite so positive on Obama and his stance towards recent political events in Egypt.

Not only were the people off the tourist strip a little more open to actively engaging instead of just trying to sell trinkets, but it also felt a lot more like an organically grown area mixing housing and shopping and food services and all the norms of life…. Rather than a segregated tourist area where all the hotels and resorts are located.

Hurghada Aquarium

Scene in the Hurghada Aquarium.

 photo IMG_6703_zps0739e6a6.jpg

Anybody have a translation for this?

There are specific draws, of course: the Hurghada Aquarium isn’t the worst place in the world. Wandering around the neighborhoods are lots of scenes of daily life (that felt sort of exploitative to photograph… so I didn’t) and the occasional inexplicable sign.

Spice Shopping

Spice shopping Hurghada style.


Shipmaking at a surprisingly cool stop for a canned “city bus tour” daytrip.

Also the beautiful shops full of spices that I’ve come to expect from the Middle East, from Dubai to Cairo and all the way up to Istanbul. Honestly, though?

Last Resort

The view from a Hilton Hammock.

On my last day in town I had to choose between finally visiting my beach at the Hilton Hurghada resort or getting back to the city center to have another look. Guess which I chose:

 photo IMG_6738_zpsd7427207.jpg

(True to budget-traveler form, I stayed here for 5 days on HHonors points.)



I was in Hurghada working as a photographer with GetYourGuide. Though many of my experiences were quite good, I felt that this particular Hurghada City Bus Tour was a waste of time. If you’re looking to learn a little and shop a lot, call these guys. Otherwise, consider doing it on your own.

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