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Snow Leopard Images from Kyrgyzstan
Posted by on November 3, 2014

I realize things have been unusually quiet around here since September, but as is often the case the more I find myself traveling the less free time I seem to have to write travel blog posts. I’ve been in and out of Bishkek over the past month, researching and getting permits for an ongoing project on Snow Leopard Conservation in Kyrgyzstan as well as taking some short trips for my job here.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine here in Bishkek and we just finished up our Fall 2014 issue. Even if I haven’t been writing much here during the past month, I’ve been active on Instagram trying to post one or more photos each day. Some are looking back towards recent travels in Kyrgyzstan, some are quick snapshots from daily life here, and others are looking forward to a trip to Turkey I’ll be taking in mid-November. If you don’t have the patience to wait for almost-weekly posts on MonkBoughtLunch, make sure you follow me on Instagram for that daily dose of photos I’ve taken!

My most popular photo on Instagram in October was by far this shot for International Snow Leopard Day on October 23rd. Posted on the NowThisNews account, it picked up nearly 1,700 likes. Snow Leopard Conservation in Kyrgyzstan is an ongoing story I’m working on, with a couple of angles already researched and a few more still to pursue. Snow Leopard Portraiture was also the most popular on my own Instagram feed, but with a significantly smaller audience the 64 likes seems a bit sparse by comparison!

I just returned this weekend from a trip with the Snow Leopard Trust office here in Bishkek going deep into the mountains of the Central Tian Shan to visit one of their Snow Leopard Enterprises communities – in fact so far from the capital that it sits nearly on the border with China. This next photo is from earlier this year, on a quick trip to Ala Archa National Park just outside of Bishkek, but I can assure you that at the higher elevations the mountains already look like this – winter is well on the way both in Bishkek and the regions.

Luckily for me, I’m also heading out at the end of this week on a working trip to Turkey. The coffee is hot and strong, the coast will hopefully have a couple of nice warm days for me while I’m there, and barring that at least there are plenty of underground ruins to visit in Istanbul where the sun never reaches and the rain never falls. I’ll be mostly in and around Antalya, though with a few days in Istanbul (one of my favorite world cities) at the end of the trip, so should be able to post photos to my Instagram and Facebook page along the way.  

Finally, and very #Latergram, a couple of shots from road-tripping down the Pamir Highway in June of 2012. It seems amazing that my first long-term trip through all of Central Asia was already several years back, but the region continues to delight in terms of both photography and adventure and so I expect I’ll be sticking around for a while yet!


So, that was October. Here’s hoping November and December stay just as exciting or, barring that, at least as picturesque.


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