Instagram Update: The Best of January+

jaipur sightseeing old city walls
Posted by on February 6, 2015

Instagram Update: The Best of January+

Somehow between Christmas and New Year and running off to India for both of those and more, I managed to skip posting my favorite and best/most popular photos from Instagram in December. The past few months on Instagram have reflected my actual travel and location a lot more than the blog, which I haven’t had as much time to post to. My Instagram followed me through a frozen weekend campout in Kyrgyzstan’s Ala-Archa National Park, along on a food-focused but sadly short trip to Istanbul, and to India for a few weeks of travel through a country I’ve long wanted to visit but only now made time for.

Though this camping trip was actually the weekend after Thanksgiving, I didn’t warm back up enough to edit the photos till a few days later! It was cold, of course, but I wanted to get out partly in order to test my gear and my own resilience to that cold to see how well I might fare on later and longer trips into the mountains during the long Kyrgyz winter. To that end: it wasn’t actually that bad. I mean, I couldn’t feel the tips of my toes for a few days afterwards; but other than that it wasn’t actually that bad. It was, on the other hand, extremely beautiful and amazingly quiet. (All the more surprising when I stumbled across the dog in the photo above!)  

After getting home from the mountains I think I only spent about two weeks in town before running off again, this time for a super short working trip in Istanbul. I was in town for just four days, and I only took like 50 or 60 pictures the whole time (and the majority of those in a 30 minute span!). On such a whirlwind trip, it often seems like the quiet moments are the ones that stick out and this photo was just such a moment for me. The calls of the muezzin resound throughout the city, but combined here with the sounds of bustle floating up from the Grand Bazaar just behind me as well as the silhouettes of those at the mosque door was one of those ‘take a moment to be truly present’ situations that we (or I, at least) don’t always make room for.

And then, of course, there was India. I spent one night at home after Istanbul, something like 36 hours in Bishkek, then headed off to Kazakhstan to catch a flight to Delhi. It was everything you’ve heard: crowded and disgusting and frustrating and challenging. It was also amazing, and I’ll definitely be back. This trip was just a taste, hitting the absolutely most popular tourist cities in the entire country (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and Varanasi). The next, hopefully, will go deeper into the depth of a smaller area; Rajasthan and the area east of Varanasi are both appealing but, really, my heart is set on Ladakh in the north or the Sundarbans in the east.  Both seem like regions of true adventure, mangrove swamps and Himalayan peaks and both without the easy connections and westernized restaurants that make Central India so (relatively) easy.  


For now, keep an eye over the next few weeks for photos and blog from India and Turkey and Kyrgyzstan and maybe even some stuff from Europe that I’ve been intending to post for almost a year now. 2015 is looking to be another year of fantastic travel, and India is only the beginning.

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