Instagram Updates – Best of May

Posted by on June 4, 2015

Instagram Updates – Best of May

Well, hello there. It has been quiet around here, hasn’t it? I’ve been off tramping across the dunes of Dubai and up the volcanoes of Indonesia for the last few months, and of course spending time glued to the computer for my desk job back here in Bishkek; but that’s no excuse! You deserve better! Luckily if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ve seen a whole host of delightful updates. I mean, what better way to start your day than with this handsome mug?

No, but seriously, I spent the first ten days of last month climbing volcanoes and rafting rivers and biking above rice terraces and eating dirty ducks and watching dudes in Hanuman costumes dance through fire. Bali really is quite a spot, much moreso than the EatPrayLove-decrying hardcore traveler would ever give it credit for. I’ll blog about it all eventually, probably, but for now you’ll have to be content with the photos and the half-stories contained therein.

In real-time I’m actually back in Kyrgyzstan, and despite spending hours in front of various computers I’m only now getting around to dealing with personal priorities. I did manage to bring a bit of Bali back home with me though (or technically speaking Sumatra), in the form of some spices to prepare my very favorite Indonesian food – Beef Rendang. I *think* it also appeased my girlfriend’s displeasure over having abandoned her to Bishkek for two months while I was off traveling. (Well, that and a few boxes of Bali chocolate…)

Now that I’ve had more time (and access to a sort-of working computer) I’ve also been able to edit a bunch of those Dubai photos from back in March at the beginning of the trip. I’m really growing to like the Emirates more with each visit – not only the rural desert areas but shockingly even some of the uber-touristy sites like the Burj Khalifa and SkiDubai. I mean, I guess it should be no surprise that animals appeal to me both as a traveler and a photographer…

But it’s not just animals. I discovered an extra floor in the Burj Khalifa and rode over the city in a helicopter and even spent most of a morning at a waterpark riding sweet slides… and dude, it was great. I would do all three of those things again, with no hesitation. (Didn’t I used to be an adventurous traveler? I mean, Afghanistan!) But you know what? Photogenic and fun experiences, all.

Here's something I'm equal parts embarrassed and perplexed by: it took me three visits to realize that #AtTheTop isn't quite the top; there are two other floors! One of 'em is a separate ticket but the other is actually just up a tucked away flight of stairs from the main viewing area. #Dubai, I place that I didn't actually even like much on the first visit, is growing on me. There are surprises, both good and bad, but I'll definitely be back to the #UAE to explore it a bit more some point. One of these days, I might even make it to the other #Emirates! #Travel #Reflection #Instatravel #Instagood #Tourism #DSLR #Nofilter #Latergram #Travelphotos #Khalifa #BurjKhalifa #MyDubai #DubizzleSuprizzle #TouchtheSKY #MyBurjKhalifa

Stephen Lioyさん(@slioy)が投稿した写真 –

Plus, and let’s be serious for a minute, how could I possibly resist a country in which I look this handsome in the national headwear? Turkmenistan has finally found a contender for places my vanity might just take me as a retirement option! (Although I should admit, not packing sunscreen for a trip to the desert was a pretty rookie move.)

For the moment, however, the trip is over. I’m in Kyrgyzstan till mid-July, feasting on the freshest of fruits and trying to remind myself to get off the computer and go do something fun every once in a while. (And yes, before you ask, that sweet Emirati headgear has now found a second life as a tablecloth. What of it?)

That’s all for now, I’m afraid. If you just reeeeally can’t wait to read more, I did finally put together a Guide to Emirati Food in Dubai for GoMad Nomad that’s well worth a read if you’re headed that way. More from Dubai and Nepal and Indonesia and more soon… maybe. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan are also calling, so we’ll see which pull is stronger!

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6 Responses to Instagram Updates – Best of May

  1. Clay

    Some seriously awesome pictures in here. Good stuff.

  2. Pinay Flying High

    Your photos are absolutely amazing! I suddenly miss Dubai. :-/

    • Stephen

      Thank ya. I’ve been thinking about a pass through Doha as well next time I’m in the region, I want to spend more time exploring the GCCs instead of just transiting through the Emirates every time I’m around!

  3. Pinay Flying High

    I lived in Dubai for 7 years and transferred to Doha just last December. I must say that Doha is not as bad as I was expecting it to be. :p

    Hopefully, I’d still be here when you decide to visit. Would be great to show you around.

    • Stephen

      Haha… not a stunning endorsement but I’ll take it. I’m hoping to pass through there in October in between two other trips, but still waiting confirmation on the first of those. If I do come through, I’ll definitely get in touch – I’d love to hear what your experiences have been like and what your favorite sides of the city/country are!

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