More marvelous markets of Istanbul

Posted by on February 1, 2013

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaars


Chess for sale


I’ve talked about Istanbul’s markets before, several times in fact, but I’m constantly drawn to them. Between the combination of delicious food, vibrant colors, and a constant flow of people I could spend an hour or two everyday just walking through these markets with a camera. These are some of my favorite from my last trip through town:

Atta' Turk!





Come on baby, light my fire.

Above the crowds

I can almost assure you that next time I pass through Istanbul, about a month from now, I’ll be revisiting these same places and putting up even more pictures. Hope you enjoy those, too!




Both the Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar (Istanbul’s two most popular markets for tourists) are free to enter and easy to wander on your own. If you feel more comfortable going with a guide, though, I was impressed with the guide on this tour (that I was shooting photos for, and that are now uploaded on the tour page!).

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