Istanbul on the Quick

Posted by on March 25, 2012

With a solid 6 hours to explore Istanbul, where does one go? The heart of the old Ottoman quarter, of course: Sultanahmet!

Named after the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (which is more popularly known as the Blue Mosque), the whole area seemed full of interesting architecture and sea views and tons of food options. My favorite picture, though, was one of the last I took just before rushing off to the tram and back to the airport.


With reservations at a guesthouse just a few minutes’ walk away from the Blue Mosque, there should hopefully be many more photos of this area to come!

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3 Responses to Istanbul on the Quick

  1. Nan

    Seems like every since you got back from your Holiday’s trip home you have been on the subject of the great food!! With that said you blamed me & your mom for all the temptations that we put in front of you. This may be the year of the food for you. Glad you are enjoying it so much. Have fun. Love Nan

    • Stephen

      Its only because I expect the food options to be so limited once I get back to Central Asia! Laghman and shashlyk, day after day, meal after meal. Can you blame me for enjoying Europe and Singapore as much as possible now?

  2. Nan

    Does not sound like it has been a limited menu that you have to choose from. So glad you have the chance to enjoy what you like. Not sure what Laghman & shashlyk are but sure it’s not as great as you get in Europe, Singapore,Austin, or Houston. Had a Stomps the other day & was thinking of you & Chris. Will treat you again soon as you get close enough. Love N

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