Jungles of Borneo

Posted by on June 12, 2010

In what seems to have become somewhat of a predictable cycle, our time on the beach in Sipadan was followed by time playing in the jungle looking for wildlife.

The Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary proved to be our only Orangutan sightings, but they were exciting at the time.  The first sighting happened about 5 feet inside the reserve, as a group of people gathered around a smaller female playing high in a tree right off the walkway.  Watching for a few minutes and wondering why the draw was so huge, we stumbled across the large male in the path that was the real attraction for the crowd of onlookers.  Apart from a bit of a scuffle between the macaques and one orangutan with no sense of modesty, the other main event in Sepilok was the 4 inch leech that dropped from the sky onto my arm during a short hike around the area.  My third leech also saw Phil’s first two, as he had managed to get out of Taman Negara unmolested.

Orangutan Again

Orangutan Again

Leech Attack!

Leech Attacks!

The other reason we were in Sepilok, Uncle Tan’s Jungle Adventures, was also an exciting wildlife experience.  Consisting of several boat rides and two jungle hikes, we saw pretty much everything but the elephants and rhinos!

Boat Safari

Boat Safari

Wildlife sightings in jungles of Borneo: Orangutans (well, Sepilok), Gibbons, Proboscis monkeys, hundreds of macaques, silver leaf monkeys, hornbills, scorpions, owls, crocodiles, civets, flying foxes, an albino cockroach, 3 awesome Malaysian kids, and 4 tiny catfish that were cooked up deliciously.

...Poo frog

Tree frog, Jungle trek

Good days in the jungle.

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