Glam-orous Singapore

Posted by on April 11, 2012

Aside from eating through Singapore for a full day, easily the best part of my quick trip through town was finding the Kampong Glam neighborhood. There are very few things I more enjoy stumbling across in a city than traditional neighborhoods full of interesting architecture and studded with the occasional house of worship (and my preferences are entirely ‘small-c’ catholic on this last).


This little neighborhood, to all appearances full of delicious restaurants and small businesses, I somehow missed on my first trip through Singapore. I only found it this time because I climbed to the top floor of an apartment building looking for a good photo out towards downtown and the harbor, and I was delighted to find this in my immediate neighborhood.


Though small, seemingly no more than a couple of square blocks, there were so many restaurants and guesthouses that I’ll almost certainly base myself in Kampong Glam if/when I ever spend more time in Singapore. Combined with all the city’s delicious food courts and hawker centers, Kampong Glam is itself almost a good enough reason to return.


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5 Responses to Glam-orous Singapore

  1. Nan

    Seems you found a small treasure in such a large,busy area. May be old but still all the modern day activities in plain view.

  2. Escape Hunter

    Beautiful place, been there too… But it’s so strangely quiet. It felt a bit deserted, but fully well-restored…
    There was a strong museum feel in the Arab Street area. I saw very few people actually working/living there.

    I also saw those two beautiful mosques: the Masjid Sultan and the Masjid Malabar…

  3. zie osland

    kampong glam is actually a hipster site for the younger generations to hang out at during the weekends and after 6pm on weekdays. other than that the place is pretty much deserted. also, if you come on the weekends usually friday or saturday evenings, you can stumble upon the underground music scene if youre lucky enough.

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