Kathmandu Monkey Temple

Posted by on December 9, 2011

In the three weeks I spent studying for the GRE, the only real tourist site I made a point to visit was Swayambunath, the Monkey Temple.  About 10 minutes after I showed up, one of those surprisingly violent monsoon rains rolled in out of nowhere.  After passing the time chatting with a souvenir vendor and her two children, the rains let up and I finished the climb to the top of Monkey Temple.

And surprise: there are completely clear skies over normally polluted Kathmandu and, seemingly only slightly rarer, a double rainbow stretched out over the center of the city.  The sky was incredible, the light soft and warm on the gilded stupa of the temple, and the monkeys rambunctiously playful as they climbed up and around the temple.

After a week solid of studying, the day was precisely what I needed as a break from staring at the same four walls of my guesthouse every day.

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