KL Afternoon

Posted by on May 6, 2011

So I actually counted, while I was bored waiting on a bus from Cameron Highlands to KL. I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur 12 times, now, and still like as much or more than how I felt the first time.

Part of it is the intercultural feel, the temples/mosques/churches all sitting together. The multicultural population that, at least to my travelers’ eyes, get along just as well. Part of it is the food. Western for breakfast, Chinese for lunch, Indian for dinner? You bet. It’s a big and global enough city to host events like the Formula One.  Even the beautiful public transit network (and dirt cheap flights out of town on Air Asia) add to it. But there’s something else, too, that I have trouble putting into words.


This photo represents it, somehow, even if I cant explain why. Something about the light at the end of a day when the afternoon rains have finally stopped? Something about the advertisement for Macau, which was such close proximity to home while I was in Shenzhen? Even something about the motorcycle dude at the bottom, driving along while I would normally be ignoring him from my post above-ground on the Monorail (which is, of course, why he wasn’t cropped to oblivion).

I really like this city, and if Hong Kong University doesn’t work out I’d say there’s a very good chance of me relocating here for at least a while.

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7 Responses to KL Afternoon

  1. Nan

    & what country would this be?? How far is it from Houston, Texas?? & the weather is what year round??
    The picture is beautiful.

    • slioy

      Malaysia, which is about 18 or 19 hours from Houston on an airplane. Not very far.

      The weather is pretty tropical with lots of sunshine and often afternoon showers. But at least there’s a beach nearby!

  2. Davelyn M

    he made a typo – he meant to say he would be relocating to Austin, Texas if HKU did not work out and that is about 200ish miles from Houston with great weather (compared to Houston).

  3. Ahimsa

    I absolutely agree. I was only able to see KL in Malaysia, but it quickly became my favorite city in Asia. It’s small enough to walk but big enough to have lots to see and do. And the late afternoon light was always spectacular.

    • slioy

      Yea, thats probably a big part of the feeling I’m talking about here. The way that at a certain point the rain has stopped for the day and the sky is blowing up with color and work starts letting out for the day and the streets explode with people on their way to their lives outside of the jobs.

  4. Elizabeth

    Beautiful photo, and I second your take on KL. I’ve only been there in transit but really enjoy the town. What are you considering in HK?

    • slioy

      I applied for the MIPA master’s program at HKU, but apparently wasn’t accepted. Feeling around now for jobs in KL/HK/Nepal/China (in no particular order of preference, there) to try to find something to settle into for 6 months or so in one of those places.

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