Koh Ker Temples

Posted by on May 9, 2010

The start of first day with Sok was the Koh Ker temple complex.  We went here mainly because it was a convenient middle point between the other two that I really wanted to visit, but it ended up being another of the highlights of my time in Cambodia so far.


Statue pose

Posing with a broken statue

Along with the numerous temples throughout the park, the main feature of the area is a 37 meter high pyramid that used to support a giant linga worshiped as a deity.


Sok and I, Koh Ker

My guide Sok and I

Apart from that, it was cool to see even more overgrown temples and to get the chance to climb around on the ruins of some, an activity which is discouraged at Angkor.


Overgrown Koh Ker temple

Posing in a temple doorway

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