Kyoto by Photo

Posted by on July 1, 2011

Kyoto by Photo


Old Town Kyoto.


Overrun with geishas and tourists.


And in fact, tourists dressed as “geishas” for a laugh.

Kyoto in Bloom

At the right time of year, blooming with sakura trees.


This was somehow my favorite town in Japan.


The temples were full of traditional clothing….

Purity of Water

… and happy children.

Tori Tunnel

The peaceful vibe extended from the very gates of the temple…

Zen Rocks Garden

…all the way through the last calm an quiet garden.


And even the monks found blooming sakura trees!


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6 Responses to Kyoto by Photo

  1. Nurdahlia

    wow! amazing picts and amazing experiences! 🙂

  2. Escape Hunter

    Beautiful places, too bad I missed most of the old parts.
    When I was there I got plenty of the box-like concrete buildings and straight streets. Kyoto looked totally like the cities in those Godzilla movies…

    • Stephen

      Ha! Perhaps you picked the wrong neighborhoods to explore?

      • Escape Hunter

        I wasn’t looking in the right places, that’s for sure. Only towards the end of the trip did I discover the more interesting parts – a castle and some palaces.
        Of course, I visited the Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion), but the modern parts of the city felt terribly boring.

        • Stephen

          I rushed through here just long enough to see the pretty bit, really, and missed the modern side. Well worth another trip with a better camera and more developed eye for photography – this was like 2010 or something.

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