My Favorite Little Sport That Time Forgot

Posted by on June 26, 2013

You know what I could legitimately do three times a week in Central Asia and never get bored with it?

Stadium Spectators

Stadium Spectators at Pishpek Hippodrome.

Sit around and watch horse games.


Family Seating?

By the time I FINALLY made it to the Bishkek Hippodrome on Victory Day, we’d missed all but the tail end of the day’s game of Kok Boru.

Super Star

A moment to bask in the glow of glory.

No matter, though, as there was still quite a crowd around to celebrate the Chuy Valley team’s victory.

Big Congrats to Chuy!

Team huddle.

In fact, as the two teams of horsemen lined up for the awards ceremony I was conveniently ON the field, and snuck in with the cordon of police to get a closer look.

Bringing Home the Gold

FIFA-style presentation.

 photo IMG_6701_zpsebd37b72.jpg

Medal winner.

After the medal ceremony both teams dispersed to the locker rooms to celebrate or commiserate as was appropriate to their conditions.


Heading to the stables.

A walk through the area yielded a chat with some of the horse handlers and even a bit of family fun from the winning team.

Horse Handlers

Horse Handlers in front of the local stables.

Mini Medal Man

Little man, big win.

And really, what better way to celebrate Victory Day than with a victory for the local team?

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