Le Paradis Latin: A Paris Cabaret.

le paradis latin
Posted by on May 16, 2014

Le Paradis Latin: A Paris Cabaret

Walking past in the middle of the day, you might never notice this switched-off sign or neon-less exterior tucked away on 28 Rue de Cardinal Lemoine on an unobtrusive street just near Paris’ student district. Return at night, though, and it beckons like a beacon to curious passersby.

le paradis latin

But, whatever does it mean?! Could it be…. Paradis in Paris?

paradis latin in paris

waiter opening champagne at paradis latin

paradis latin cabaret dinner menu

The cabernet start flowing just as soon as you sit down, and an incredible three-course meal comes shortly after. Whether fois gras or salmon, sliced duck breast or Chateaubriand, no matter which you choose it all looked spectacular.

fois gras in paris

sliced duck breast with honey cranberry sauce

tarte au pommes

All the while a made-up young man keeps the crowd entertained and exuberant with his ebullient ribaldry. Equal parts offensive and amusing, the laughs grow louder as glasses get lighter.

about to start cabaret show

start of paradis latin cabaret show

And then? And then it is time to begin! Words can perhaps describe it in detail, but sadly photos cannot – I along with all the other visitors was asked to refrain from photography during the show itself. (A request I mostly honored.)

paradis latin cabaret show

opening scene of paradis latin cabaret show

Of all I might have shown you from the several hour show, there’s only one thing I can: the cancan.
This traditional French favorite, which actually has its origins in the music halls of Montparnasse in Paris, is the least salacious things you’ll see at the Paradis Latin. High-energy and highly photogenic, though, it too will stick in your mind.

paradis latin cancan dance

The cabaret show by itself would have been an interesting experience.
But after a dinner like that and with flowing champagne?

champagne at paradis latin

It was a little bit like, well… Paradise.

paradis latin cabaret entrance

I visited the ‘Paradis Latin’ while working as a photographer with GetYourGuide. I have no idea how ‘authentic’ this was as far as Cabarets go but it was certainly a fun and, dare I say, titillating experience. The show with dinner was absolutely delicious, but they also offer a champagne only version (its a hard life out there!) for about $120 less. Regardless of which of the two you choose, let me suggest choosing a hotel nearby in the Latin Quarter to ease your trip home after all that bubbly! 

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