Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan/Central Asia

There doesn’t seem to be a ton of info out there on the Kyrgyz Republic. While I’m learning more about this lovely little land, check out these sites for more info.

Caravanistan – This is the defining resource on practical information for travel in Central Asia. Anytime I need info on visas, border crossings, or cool travely stuff to do in the region this is where I look to. – An English expat who lives in Bishkek and runs a tour company/hotel. Ian’s ‘Postcards from Bishkek’ are some of the most interesting and thorough commentary I’ve read on the country.

Spektator – Though the publishing schedule is erratic at the moment, the Spektator has a lot to say about Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan and is the most comprehensive guide for places to eat, drink, and be merry that I’ve found.


 Useful Travel Links

Agoda – Great for bookings at nicer places at the best possible prices.

Amazon – Still gearing up for a trip? Need to replace something next time you’re home? This is my go-to site.

Couchsurfing – Not quite the traveler’s heaven and haven that it once was, but still a nice and useful thing.

DHgate – A little bit of everything. Travel and outdoor gear, electronics and cameras and accessories, bags and backpacks, and more.

 Looking for Hostels and Flights and maybe even Tours? Check out the Support MonkBoughtLunch page for a list of booking options that will also help keep this site running!


Travel Blogs

An American Girl in Transit – Leora’s travels around the world in search of fashion, food, art, culture, and design.

BackpackingMan – To put Jonny in perspective: I met him in Central Asia, Couchsurfed with him at his base in Amsterdam, heard tales of his family from England’s Silly Islands (note: I spelled that incorrectly), and listened as he planned an epic trip BACK to West Africa. This dude is doing cool things, and you should be following him.

Be My Travel Muse – Kristin is a former investment banker who sold all of her belongings and bid the life she knew goodbye in favor of becoming a solo nomad in search of off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Born2Travel – Mark and Stefy rock the travel blog thing with insider tips and photos/stories from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Burger Abroad – Amanda is the vegan solo full-time traveler who puts the Burger in Burger Abroad, currently with a lively 13K+ social media following.

Don’t Stop Living – Jonny has been on the road for over a decade, and amassed quite the stock of stories. Go check him out to see what he has been up to.

Dromomaniac – A good read and take on the world, as well as tons of info about saving money on travel and getting the most out of airlines.

East is Relative – Katie has followed a similar path to me, starting as a teacher in China and then moving on to travel a bit.  Read her stuff for another take on living in the Middle Kingdom!

Expats Blog – Info for expats in cities across the world.

Famsterdam Life – A travel, lifestyle and bicycle blog. Fabio mixes up all three with Amsterdam as his headquarters.

FoxNomad – High tech travel and journeys through destinations far from the usual.

Go Power Kick – Mike writes about travel, food, and… power kick? Ok, you’ve lost me there. The travel and food, though? Totally.

Holes in My Soles – A New Zealand shoemaker’s travel blog, and an idea I can totally empathize with: traveling so much that you’ve worn out your shoes.

Jessie on a Journey – Native New Yorker backpacking and volunteering around the world, with an independent/outdoorsy/budget ethos that I like a lot.

Jonny Duncan Photography – Beautiful photos from the dude behind BackpackingMan and all his travels across the wild world. Currently photographing models in Kiev… go check it out.

Just One Way Ticket – Sabrina is a German-born resident of Istanbul who seems to be a huge hit in the Philippines. Go check out her site and see why people all over the world love her and her travel tips.

Kate’s Footprints – Kate is currently leaving footprints all over South Korea while teaching English and preparing to walk through even more of the world.


Nomadic Samuel – A self-proclaimed man of many hats, permanently on the move and constantly writing it up with dripping sarcasm.

ThePale – Brilliant web-comic featuring great art and a unique presentation.  Start at the beginning and read the whole story, and you’ll thank me.

Running Through This World – Travel blog with a heavy emphasis on somewhere I particularly identify with traveling in: China!

Smoke Me a Kipper – Erik is a great writer travelling through really interesting parts of the world.

Souvenir Finder –  Shopping isn’t exactly my thing, but Kristin uses the search for that perfect memento to get a deep view into the places she visits.

The World Please – Lauren writes the blog for indecisive travelers. Currently living in Vietnam, she undoubtedly has plenty of other destinations floating through her mind at any given moment as well.

Travel Junkette – Beautifully designed site from an American girl I traveled with for a bit in Mongolia.  Definitely check this link out.

Travel Land Graphs – Ryan’s site brings travel and informative graphics together into one whole. Those are just two of my favorite things!

Travels of Adam – Bostonian travel blogger who saw the light and started his own world journey.

West to the East – I met Alex at a guesthouse in Bishkek and was blown away by the quality of his writing from the time he spent in China. I can’t wait to read more, especially about a region that has come to mean so much to me.

Where to Pitch – Freelance writers rejoice! Susan provides this helpful resource to help you figure out where to pitch those stores that just haven’t sold.

Also, my Philosophy department in college remembered me fondly enough to put up a short profile of what I’ve done since graduation.  Check that out here.

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