Hangin’ with Willie and Waylon and the boys.

Posted by on July 31, 2013

Fun fact: apparently Willie Nelson had never visit the little community of Lukenbach before recording the song that helped propel it to fame.

 photo IMG_1374_zpsf50fc570.jpg

Bar buddy.

I find this a touch hard to believe, though, as it feels like the perfect sort of place for a country singer and his closest friends to sit around and sing and drink beer under a shade tree. After all, thats what everybody else is doing!

 photo IMG_1364_zpsa4206d6b.jpg

Lazy day at Lukenbach. These guys actually weren’t half bad!

It also seemed like the kind of place to would be great to visit on any random day in Central Texas. There’s no telling who or what you’ll see, but I can almost guarantee you that the beer will be cold and the welcome warm, and you just might be impressed by the quality of live music you find.

 photo IMG_1370_zps1bfb61d5.jpg

Downtown Lukenbach.

After all, if its good enough for Will and Waylon and the boys…

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