Are you Gellan?

Posted by on March 7, 2012

On a one-day layover in Guam, transiting from Yap to the Republic of Palau, I picked up a rental car and headed for the backroads of Southern Guam. Sights, nature, food, and rural were all there for the taking; but there were also a lot more points of historical interest than I’d ever realized.


For instance, did you know that Magellan’s┬ácircumnavigation of the globe was the first European contingent to reach Guam? He named the area the “Island of Sails” and only a few days (and a few spare boats) later re-Christened it the “Island of Thieves.”


The bay where he anchored was eventually turned into an important Pacific port for the Spanish fleet.


Guarded spiritually by a Catholic church.


And protected on a more worldy note by a hilltop fortress with cannons overlooking the Philippine Sea.

Fort Overlooking the Philippine Sea

Modern Guam is, in a way, lucky for this Spanish history combined with the later introduction of American culture and commercialism. Otherwise, how could it have produced this gem?


Responsibility Matters, I was driving a rental car at the time, and it was about noon when I came by. So, unfortunately, I didn’t go in to check out the drinks list. If there’s any justice in the world, though, I bet it was magnificently corny. Next time, Guam.

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