Cooking to Kill

Posted by on August 25, 2011

Perhaps the most intrinsically exciting chore I got to tag along for with the Mentawi people was a shaman making poison to tip his hunting arrows with.


We started back in the jungle, picking plants the shaman had planted for just this.


Back at home, a lot of cutting and grating and chopping to get things in just the right proportion.


Then, its all packed into a juicer and squeezed until it runs.

Paint of Death

All the juice collected, each arrowhead is individually painted from the base towards the tip with a coating of poison.


According to our guide/translator: if mixed correctly the poison will paralyze the victim or, if hit close enough to the heart, kill very quickly.


Though I tasted one or two of the the pre-mixed ingredients, we all elected not to test the completed poison out.


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