Posted by on May 16, 2011

Today, in fact right now as this posts, I’m scheduled to take off from Hong Kong Airport for a flight to San Francisco and a little over two months of America.

The rest of May sees me in Kentucky for a wedding, and early July puts me in Shreveport for another.  The interim will be spent (as my summers in America tend to be) between Texas, Louisiana, and perhaps Arkansas for family/friends/fun.

Then, July 21, back to Hong Kong and hopefully more exciting things.

So, bring it on America!  I want to eat Mexican food every day for the first week I’m in Texas.


I’ll still be posting over the summer, but other commitments will have to overshadow blogging much of the time.  So, the next few months will be occasional posts about playing around America interspersed with China and Indonesia just before I flew home and older posts/videos that I’ve stumbled across on my computer and realized that I never posted.  Especially Japan, which I was too rushed to write much about while I was there right after I left China (over a year ago!) and started seriously traveling.

Now, to find that Mexican food?  While I’m doing that, go back to the last post and take another look at those photos.

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