Mongolian Yak Rodeo

Posted by on October 19, 2011

The last night of a four-day horse trekking trip, Dan attempts to ride one of the yaks our host keeps in his herds.

He is not successful, but I am amused.


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7 Responses to Mongolian Yak Rodeo

  1. Mom

    Ya’ll are bad…

  2. Jenna Vandenberg

    I’m jealous of your yak! I didn’t see one single yak in Inner Mongolia 🙁 Guess I had to go further in.
    Better luck next time Dan.

    • slioy

      Further in and, importantly, higher up! I’m currently in Nepal, though, and have just walked through the Khumbu with all the yaks youcould ever want to know. If you’re really set on seeing one, this is your country!

  3. Nan

    I think you were enjoying that a whole lot! It was funny. Where was that boy raised?? Not in Texas I bet.

  4. Robin Coleman

    The one of the temples is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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