Munich Hofbrauhaus: An Ode to Beer

Posted by on October 25, 2013

Ode to Beer: Visiting the Munich Hofbrauhaus

I’ve been to Munich once before, of course, back on the first big EuroTrip in 2006 that exposed me to real travel and ended in Germany to see the World Cup. We even spent a few days in Munich, soaking in the futbol feeling and sampling some crazy good beers, but as far as I can remember we never actually made it to the Hofbrauhaus!

 photo IMG_1023_zpsfb5dfdec.jpg

HB – the crowning glory of beer for tourists in Munich.

I suppose it only fitting, then, that on this last trip through Munich I actually made it there twice! The first was part of the Third Reich Walking Tour, as we discussed the first major National Socialist (Nazi) party meeting which took place on the top floor of the Munich Hofbrauhaus.

 photo IMG_1029_zpsb4b48816.jpg

Big Beer Hall, waiting to be filled!

Being the middle of the day it was pretty quiet, but as luck would have it I convinced Logan (a fraternity brother who was in town with his family for Oktoberfest) to meet me there later that night to hang out for a bit!

 photo IMG_1091_zpsad0fcee4.jpg

Reunited for Beer!

As much as I enjoyed the actual Oktoberfest, being in the Hofbrauhaus on a busy night with a boisterous crowd was an almost equally enveloping atmosphere.

 photo IMG_1112_zps3aef9fc2.jpg

Downstairs at Munich’s Hofbrauhaus.

 photo IMG_1094_zps42928052.jpg

Bavarian Brass at Munich’s Hofbrauhaus.

 photo IMG_1104_zpsfa498510.jpg

Daaaance to the music!

As if the Bavarian folk music and occasional dancers weren’t enough, occasional the (seemingly overwhelmingly Italian) crowd would break into team chants and table pounding. Even though we had no idea of the words or meaning, the feeling was viral and we soon joined in.

 photo IMG_1116_zps1b8582ee.jpg


 photo IMG_1127_zpsf70da7c2.jpg

Upstairs musical accompaniment at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich.

At some point Logan and fam had to leave, so I wandered around taking photos and reveling in the noise and energy. On the top floor, alo busy but not quiet so packed, I sat for some time snapping photos and savoring the feeling of just being there.

How on earth did we miss this the first time through?


While I first visited while working with the Munich 3rd Reich Walking Tour, I was pretty gutted that the Beer and Brewery Tour wasn’t on during Oktoberfest. Can you imagine, being paid to drink photos and take beer at the Munich Hofbrauhaus?! If you’re in town and want a guide to show you around, check these guys out.

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