Journey As: Train

Posted by on April 20, 2011

Then, on my first ride on a Burmese train I immediately missed the relative freedom and space of a rooftop truck ride!


With the aisles so crowded that the only way to walk was to use armrests as steps over other passengers, I joined a couple of vendors on top of the train for a bit of air.


While the Burmese guys all seemed pretty comfortable walking the length of the train, I could never work up the nerve and so crawled like a child the entire time I was upstairs.


Finally though, after strongly pantomimed warnings of impending doom; I was forced to climb back down, reclaim my seat, and photograph from the relative safety of our open-air seats.

Gokteik Gorge

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8 Responses to Journey As: Train

  1. Davelyn M

    So did i not teach you anything about safety and hello do you not remember anything about head injuries…. Hiding your passport is now racing through my mind again…

  2. Nan

    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????? Oh the answer to that would be YOU WERE NOT!!!!!!!
    We may have to take your traveling privileges away & lock you in a padded cell until you learn the word DANGER!!!!!

    • slioy

      Oh, do calm down. If I felt like it was really dangerous, I wouldn’t have been doing it.

  3. Davelyn M

    So i am remembering the conversations we have had about my sweet little daughter coming to visit you, hhhmmm……

  4. codeman

    oh, so jealous. also, the image of you toddlering across a train is pretty hilarious.

    • slioy

      Swayed like woah. Even at the slowest speeds, I could never work up the nerve for walking! The other guys up there seemed pretty amused, now that I think about it.

  5. Brad Bernard

    This is great! I can’t believe you rode on top of the train. I heard Burmese trains end up in rice paddies more often than they reach their destination. I guess flying there is no safer, ha!

    • Stephen

      Eh, to be honest it was rolling pretty slow most of the time I was up there so I didn’t feel like I was in much danger. I only wish I could have done it above the Gokteik Gorge, as I imagine it would have turned into some spectacular photos!

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