Everest on the Wing

Posted by on November 25, 2011

To start the long trek up towards Everest Base Camp, I decided with a friend I had met in Mongolia to fly out to Tumlingtar and walk the week-long trail into Sagarmatha National Park from there.  Though expecting the flight to be more of a means of conveyance than a tourist attraction in itself, we ended up having incredible views of the Himilayas once we got out of the smog of Kathmandu.


As well as being an exciting start to the trek (which we began directly from the tarmac at the airport!), it was great to get a preview of the snowy Himalayan peaks that were our eventual goal for the trip.  All that being said, Buddha Air just seems somehow appropriate, doesn’t it?


I was hoping to fly Yeti Air on the way home, but would ultimately be disappointed by terrible weather on the way out that forced me to walk.  Can’t win quite all the time, I guess.


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