Happy New Year!

Posted by on January 1, 2012

After spending the past three years celebrating New Year’s Eve in places like Kuala Lumpur, China, and Hong Kong I’m finally back this year to start the year off with family and friends in Austin, Texas.


New Year's Eve 2010; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Never fear, though, as awesome travel plans are still in the works!

After about a week more in the US I’ll be heading back to Hong Kong, and gearing for a trip to the Pacific Isles of Yap and Palau with just maybe a bit of skydiving in Guam for good measure.

After that, to try and top any absurdity of route that I’ve followed before, I’ll be headed to Central Asia via Bangkok, Dubai, Austria/Switzerland, and Istanbul. ┬áThis all makes sense, believe me, but I’ll leave for later to explain why.

For now, Happy New Year. To top off all the big exciting travel action, and supplement this sweet nomadic life I’ve been working so hard on establishing, I also picked up new Canon Rebel T3i camera as an early Christmas present for myself.┬áSo, I hope you’re as excited about 2012’s possibilities as I am!



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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Nan

    As sorry as I am to see our time with you come to an end, I am also excited to see what all this new year has in store for you & all the great pictures you will be sending my way.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful calender & my rocks. I still have room for more before I have to buy a new glass!!! I hope this is your best year ever. Love N

  2. Mom

    Honey I treasure this Christmas and New Year with you. It has been so long since we spent the holidays together. I hope you have the best of years and all your plans work out the way you want.

    Love you

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