Sumo in Osaka

Posted by on June 17, 2011

Very early in the day’s matches before most the the crowd arrived, I managed to get up close to the action on the stadium floor. Here’s one entire low-level sumo match.

Pardon the occasional manic shaking and the salary man that walks in front of the camera.  I was worried enough about being out of place in a Japanese arena that I didn’t stick around to film a second match.

Point of interest: the costumes of the referees are said to mimic the dress of the medieval Ashikaga shogun era.

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2 Responses to Sumo in Osaka

  1. Escape Hunter

    I always found this sport wicked, weird… Gosh ,what they must go through to make their bodies look like this…
    I briefly visited Osaka back in 1999. It was very long time ago… impressive architecture surrounded me as I entered the city on the JR train from Kyoto.

    • Stephen

      I saw very little of Osaka, in fact, using it mainly as a base for daytrips to other areas in Kansai. The sumo, weird as it was, may actually have been the highlight of my time there.

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