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Tired of spending day after day on busses, after leaving Champasak I decided that I needed a few days of walking.  The first of these was in Pakse, a regional center on the Mekong River.

The part of the city that sticks out the most in my mind is the provincial museum.

That's a lot of elephants.

Lanexiang, the Land of a Million Elephants

Like most areas of Laos, Pakse was heavily targeted by US bombers during the Vietnam War (here called the American War).  Landmines and other UneXploded Ordinances hide throughout the country and while there are efforts to find and disarm them, most are discovered as they kill, maim, or injure a Laotian.

Not one of our prouder legacies in the world.

Leaving a legacy in the world.

Bombing Run

...American War

Relics of the Vietnam War

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