Cuttling with the Fishes

Posted by on April 30, 2012

Is it some sort of alien? A destruction-portending nightmare sent to bring our very civilization to an end?

No, its a cuttlefish. It kind of looks like that first though, doesn’t it?

I’ve seen these things three of four times while snorkeling around the Pacific Ocean, and I always sit and watch them for a while as one of the strangest looking creatures I’ve found underwater. In particular, their method of locomotion… that wavy little ring around the bottom… really kind of freak me out.

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3 Responses to Cuttling with the Fishes

  1. Nan

    Sure glad you explained about that creature. I was wondering if that thing was attached or if it was just something in the area. I saw it the other night when I was looking at the video you put up for me. Love N

  2. Phil

    Dude, they are definitely strange, beautiful little critters. Can’t believe I got to see that one with you in Malaysia. So damn cool.

    • Stephen

      They’re weird little monsters, but I could easily drift for hours watching them fly their creepy little wings through the ocean.

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