Trail to TaiShan

Posted by on October 30, 2011

Before ever climbing Mt Tai, it is inevitable that one will pass through the town of Tai’An at the foot of the mountain. Though not much of a destination in its own right, there are a few interesting spots that make a wander through the city pretty bearable while waiting for good weather to hike up the mountain for the much-lauded TaiShan sunrise.

Tai'An Dai Temple.

The Dai temple is where emperors of yore would make ritual sacrifices before climbing the peaks of TaiShan.

Tai'An Dai temple incense burner.

Inside the Dai temple: looots of incense and 'locks of love' to be seen.

Tai'An Dai temple lion statue.

And of course all the statuary a temple of Imperial stature demands.

Tai'An night market.

Tai'An's night market, just east of the Dai temple, was empty but atmospheric. Good street food abounds in the area, as well.

Dog meat cart in Tai'An.

Picky eaters, though, may want to steer clear of the dog vendors.

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