Photo Slideshow: Tajikistan

Posted by on June 15, 2013

Tajikistan might actually me one of my favorite countries anywhere, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Crazy beautiful mountains, amazing people all over those same mountains, cities with just enough Western luxury (I’m looking at you, Dushanbe Segafredo), and so many things to do that a year or two in the country would probably still not be enough. Is it any surprise, then, that I was so fond of some of my photos?

Now, when can I get back here to do some more hiking?

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2 Responses to Photo Slideshow: Tajikistan

  1. Alovaddin Kalonov

    Great photographs Stephen!
    I would be glad to meet and host you while you are in Tajikistan!
    We could do some collaboration with our travel company such as organizing photo tours and etc.
    Paramount Journey Team

    • Stephen

      Thanks Alovaddin – I’m actually hoping to get back to Tajikistan this summer sometime; send me an email with some ideas of what you have in mind.

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