Photo Slideshow: Vienna, Austria

Posted by on April 13, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by Vienna, and how pleasantly enjoyable a city it was. I went in with the mindset of “get visas (for Central Asia) and then get out”, which can sometimes be a dangerous thing. I could have easily gotten tired of the place, felt a little aimless. Instead, though, I found myself with days constantly full of museums and parks and even a little bit of informal hiking in the wine-region just outside of town.

I’d never really given Austria all that much consideration before this brief trip to Vienna. Having been so impressed with the capital, though, it makes me quite interested to explore the less well-known pockets of the country to see what else there is to find. Well played, Vienna.



I’ve visited Vienna twice, once as an independent traveler and once as a photographer working with GetYourGuide. It struck me as a supremely easy city to navigate. If you don’t feel confident doing it on your own or want a bit more info on the history, though, check out GetYourGuide.

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