Qingdao Brewery Tour

Posted by on September 27, 2011

Qingdao Brewery Tour

The city of Tsingtao/Qingdao is, at least amongst foreigners, primarily famous for one very important reason: The Beer! Tsingtao Beer can be found all over China and through much of the rest of the world as well. If you ever sit down to a proper Chinese meal in Texas or Tashkent, this is likely to be one of the beers on offer. As such, it only makes sense that when visiting Shandong Province in China any foreigner worth their travel salt would make a point of stopping in at the brewery!

Tsintgao brewery entrance

For most Westerners, Qingdao is most famous for one thing: Tsingtao Beer.


Qingdao beer museum

Sold all over China and increasingly throughout the West, Tsingtao beer is definitely one of the ever-popular “China’s well-known trademark” brands.

Tsingtao beer museum

The brewery tour in Qingdao, China offers a nice history of the brewery operation as well as an interesting look at their advertising and labeling throughout the existence of the company.


Qingdao beer fountain

Even the scenery of the brewery itself is meant to promote the Qingdao brand.


qingdao brewery tour

Towards the end of the tour, there’s even a quick guide on the proper method of appreciating beer for those not already in the know.


tsingtao brewery tour

And of course at the end, a quick Qingdao tasting session in a funky little company beer garden.

Looking to spend time in Qingdao but short on time? This tour from GetYourGuide includes the Qingdao Brewery Tour as part of a full day itinerary. Check it out if you’re worried you won’t have time to explore it all on your own. 

Otherwise, the Qingdao Brewery is (conveniently) located on Qingdao Beer Street. Admission is 50 RMB, and the museum is open daily from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Admission includes a couple of beer samples, so don’t show up too early!



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