Quit Yer’ Yappin

Posted by on January 18, 2012

So I’ve mentioned this before, but after having spent last night in Seoul I’m getting to the state of Yap today (in the country the Federated States of Micronesia) for a two week look around.  I’ll certainly be doing some snorkeling and diving and maybe even some hiking, but one thing I may not be doing is spending a whole lot of time online.  From what I’ve heard internet is slow and expensive and wifi is hard to come by, so for the next few weeks here and then for three weeks in Palau (its own country, just west of Yap a little further on the way to the Philippines) expect not to hear much out of me via email.

On the positive side, there’s a TON of Nepal action coming your way on here as well as a couple of videos that I’ve been meaning to edit together for something like two years now.


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2 Responses to Quit Yer’ Yappin

  1. Mom

    Take care, have fun and a quick email now and then would be appreciated. Also (in case you have not left yet) just a reminder that you have not sent the info we talked about.

    Love U

  2. Nan

    Hope you have a great time & get lots of wonderful pictures to share with me!! Will be looking forward to when we do hear from you again on a regular basis. Love N

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