Austrian Radio Interview: Travel in Uzbekistan

Austrian Radio Interview: Travel in UZzbekistan
Posted by on January 2, 2017

Austrian Radio Interview:
Travel in Uzbekistan

Happy New Year!

I’m frantically finishing and editing a write-up from my trip to Eritrea in November to get it all wrapped up before taking off for the hinterlands of Texas this week, so no long-form posts on here for a while yet.

I did, however, manage to a quick little radio interview with Austrian channel Radio FM4 in mid-December as a representative of Lonely Planet; speaking to the travel opportunities in Uzbekistan in light of their announcement of scrapping visa requirements for a bunch of different countries. The original show link has already been taken offline, but this excerpt covers my quick comments on the program.

What do you think? Sounds almost expertly, right? Keep your eyes open for a possible return trip to Uzbekistan this spring – I’m hoping to have a compelling reason to get over there around April.


Travel in Uzbekistan

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