Kayak-eye view: Rock Islands of Palau

Posted by on March 19, 2012

What to do when you find yourself on an island chain in the North Pacific and just really need to get away for a while?

Grab a kayak, hitch a ride, and launch out for the Rock Islands of Palau:


Every morning, swarms of dive boats leave the city of Koror for the waters of the Rock Islands.

Approaching a Dive

Hitch a ride, and on the way to dive spots most will be happy to drop you on a beautiful white beach somewhere in the islands.


Beach your kayak...


...set up camp...


...and get out into the water!


At the end of the day, paddle out into the still water and watch the sky change colors over the islands.


Or better yet, paddle straight into the sunset across still reflective seas.


The next morning get up with the sun...


Take a quick paddle before breakfast.


Return to your private lagoon as the tide comes in.


And repeat the experience again and again until the time comes to return to Koror.


If you're lucky, you might even be able to bum a ride home with one of the private sailboats plying the local waters!

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7 Responses to Kayak-eye view: Rock Islands of Palau

  1. Mom

    Glad you were able to squeeze in a vacation…

  2. David

    I try not to comment to much, but fuck you make miss Palau. the Sunsets (and I hope you got a sunrise in there too). It truly is pristine and I’m glad you took my recommendation. That was truly one of my best trips, I only wish I was certified to dive before going to Palau.
    Glad you had a good time there though I doubt you could have had a bad time there.


  3. Warren Cunningham

    When visiting the Rock Islands did you take tours our get a ferry ride out and kayak/explore on your own? What was your experience with service providers? I am planning a trip for February. Some online trip reports suggest some service providers may have a very casual perspective of providing the equipment that they list on “included” list of supplies. FYI… the pics you provided are not appearing at Kayak-eye view: Rock Islands of Palau.


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