Where I’ve Been

Including a short Euro-trip in college, I’ve had the opportunity to visit a solid variety of countries. So far, these include:

Afghanistan, Austria, AzerbaijanBrunei, Cambodia, Canada, China (and Hong Kong/Macau), Denmark, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, HungaryIndonesia, Italy,  Japan, KazakhstanKyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, MicronesiaMoldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, the NetherlandsPalau,  the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uzbekistan, and Vatican City.

Not a bad start, with hopefully more to come soon!


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    9 Responses to Where I’ve Been

    1. Davelyn

      So Chuck and I were just looking at this and his comment, after I told him look at everywehre he has been and he is only 24 years old is “he is incredible”. I have his permission to tell your this.

      Love you baby!!

      • slioy

        See, my reaction upon seeing it was the opposite. Even after 3 years mostly in Asia, I’ve barely even made a dent!

    2. Nan

      Just how big of a dent do you need??
      Looks pretty impressive to me.

    3. Nan

      I should have NEVER given you that map. Now I have lost you to the world.

      • Stephen

        I think that map may have been a symptom rather than the disease itself. It just helps me keep my memory more organized for when I get to be your age!

    4. ramya

      Hey! You really have an amazing portfolio and even more awesome lifestyle. I wish I could do what you did someday! You are my inspiration. :)

    5. Jon

      I just searched “the monk bought lunch” on a whim while listening to The Soft Parade. Your blog and portfolio were a bit of serendipity for my afternoon. Your travels look truly wonderful and I look forward to doing some traveling postgrad as well.


      • Stephen

        Hey Jon, thanks for the kind words. Definitely consider working some long-term travel into your post-degree lifestyle, and be sure to drop back by here and let me know if I can help as you start to plan your adventures!

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