Touched by a Turtle

Posted by on February 20, 2012

PADI, easily the most popular SCUBA certification body I’ve seen around Asia, is pretty easy on regulations and formalities. Most of the people and shops I’ve dived with have also been pretty have also been pretty laid back folks, so aside from questions of safety the only thing you’re absolutely NOT intended to do is go about handling coral and wildlife.

So, then, this was surprising:


My first dive in Palau, off the southern shore of Peleliu, the divemaster just swims over and grabs a baby sea turtle!


Mamma, surprisingly, didn’t seem overly concerned and swam off into the void. Morally objectionable and all that, but I figured since he was already doing it I may as well snap a few pictures… right?


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3 Responses to Touched by a Turtle

  1. Susan @ Travel Junkette

    CUTE. I find that no dive instructors (at least in the places I’ve been diving) adhere to the PADI rule of “don’t touch anything.” I’d probably grab a baby sea turtle if it would let me though!

    • Stephen

      You know, I’m a lot more drawn to the super-huge turtles when I find them. There’s something just so eternal about them that makes me want to sit and like commune with them on the floor of the ocean to learn all the secrets of the world. The babies? They still have so much to learn!

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