Sinbad: King of the Seas

Posted by on September 23, 2013
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Sitting in the Sinbad Submarine

If the Desert Safari was my favorite day in Hurghada, the Sinbad Submarine experience was undoubtedly the most novel.

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All-aboard the Sinbad Express! (Ahem.)

The introduction to Sinbad is sort of underwhelming, with a cheesy waiting area and a 30 min boat ride with free water and juice but not a whole lot more than that do do.

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Tourist Express, more like it!

Get to the Sinbad Submarine docks, though, and that changes. Billed as the ‘Only Submarine in Africa and the Middle East’, this would be a really great experience for families with children or who just didn’t want to go through the time and cost of a SCUBA certification course.

Under the Sea

Handmade Reef artifacts enhance the experience.

The Sinbad Submarine is no substitute for SCUBA diving, of course, but then I don’t see it as trying to position itself AS that substitute.

Sinbad Swim-Along

Sinbad Swim-Along.

Especially given the profile of the majority of tourists in Hurghada (middle-class Russians looking for an ‘exotic’ and cheap holiday without missing any of the comforts of home), this sits at the perfect intersection of easiness and interest to ensure that guests will be impressed but not overwhelmed (and still able to get back to their all-inclusive resort by lunch).

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A little bit fishy?

I actually did this twice, once for Egypt Excursions Online and once for another company (all within the umbrella of taking photos for GetYourGuide).  Both experiences were good, but of course without the novelty the second was less interesting. In fact, by the time it was over I was well ready to get back to MY resort and hit the beach for a bit.

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Sinbad Submarine – descending to depth.

So, would I do this of my own volition? As a tourist in town, would I buy a ticket for the afternoon submarine ride? Eh, probably not. If I came back in 15 years with a gaggle of kids that wanted something to do for the day, though? Quite likely.

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I”m now double-certified for Sinbad Submarine!

I was in Hurghada working as a photographer with GetYourGuide and Egypt Excursions Online. It seemed possible to book tickets on the Sinbad Submarine independently, but I’m not sure what (if any) savings this would represent. I actually did this with two different companies, and EEO was by far the better experience: Hurghada Sinbad Submarine.

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