The one with Tbilisi, not Atlanta

Posted by on September 12, 2012

I only managed to spend two night in Tiblisi, the capital of the country Georgia. The first, my $5/ night hostel had all-you-can-drink wine. I got my $5 worth hanging out with Jason, an American guy I’d spent the next two weeks hanging out with. The next day was spent mostly online, then hopping a night train to Batumi.

Layers of the Georgian Church

On the way back through Tbilisi on the way to Azerbaijan, my second and last night in town, several of my friends got into a physical altercation with the waitstaff at a street cafe (now with Kung Fu Choke grip!)


Hint: this was probably not because they were out of stewed brain. After a bit of yelling at and physically threatening each other, we sat down to a nice meal of xinkali.


And yet, I remember Tbilisi as a beautiful city. I’m actively trying to figure out how and when I can back to explore the town (and country that surrounds it) in depth.


Who wants to make a trip with me?

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  1. Mom

    So actually i DO NOT want any food products as gifts 🙂

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