Always better by surprise.

Posted by on April 29, 2013
Happy Students' Day!

Hilltop sunset crowd in Istravshan.

Few things in life beat the joy of an unexpected festival.

Heroes and History

Hey, that statue looks suspiciously Manas-like. What country is this?

Imagine, then, my surprise. I”m on a hilltop overlooking the town of Istravshan in Tajikistan. As the day draws to a close, more and more people pour onto the top of town from the streets below.

I'm With the Band?

Red carpet warm-up.

It struck me as nothing peculiar, though, until a band started warming up on the front steps of the reconstructed palace-front.


Students on Parade.

Finally, after wandering and trying to chat and taking lots of photos, the moment hit critical mass and hundreds of flag-carrying students marched in parade-formation up the hill. Happy Students’ Day!

Tajik Flag Day?

Cue the horns.

Music and merriment ensued, and I ended another awesome day in Central Asia.

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