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Instagram Updates: #VisitJordan Edition

Instagram Updates: #VisitJordan Edition Don’t all roll your eyes at once, now, but sometimes even I need a vacation. I know, I know, it seems like the greatest gig in the world right? Traveling all over and somehow convincing other people to pay for it. But every once in a while I need some time … Continue reading »

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Instagram Updates: Talkin’ Turkey – Photos of Istanbul

Instagram Updates: Talkin’ Turkey I hang out in Istanbul a lot. Like, a lot a lot. By my count, next week’s visit will be my 20th in the past three years. Part of that is just that, living in Bishkek, Istanbul is the obvious flight hub. Part of it is that I quite like the … Continue reading »

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Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia: An 80 Year Anniversary

Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia: An 80 Year Anniversary I’ll level with you for a moment. Lonely Planet and every other tourist guide out there would have you believe that the moment you step into the Hagia Sophia, your life will change. Angels will sing and the sky will shine and you will never be the same … Continue reading »

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Aynalikavak Pavilion – The Ottoman Sultan’s Garden

Aynalikavak Pavilion – The Ottoman Sultan’s Garden Much like the magnificent Beylerbeyi PalaceĀ on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus, the AynaliKavak Pavilion stands as a forgotten reminder of Ottoman power in the middle of an otherwise quiet neighborhood on the Golden Horn. While places like the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia get millions of visitors … Continue reading »

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Exploring the Salzburg City Center

Salzburg City Center The Gothic art and Baroque City Center of Salzburg is not only the birthplace of Mozart and the Sound of Music, but also a happening place for religious buildings and modern art and one Hell(brunn) of a palace. My first visit to the city was a rainy mess, and consisted largely of … Continue reading »

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Beylerbeyi Palace: The Boshphorus’ Forgotten Ottoman Residence

The Beylerbeyi Palace in Istanbul is a lovely escape from the city heat, but because of its removed location doesn’t see hardly any tourists. Planning to visit? Continue reading »

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Schonbrunn Palace: Where the Hapsburgs Went Baroque

Schonbrunn Palace You may remember that I’ve written about Vienna’s Schonbrunn palace once before, in an article with an exceptionally witty title and lots of photos but very little information. Never fear, as your lingering questions of a year ago are now to be answered! Originally a Royal Hunting Ground and later a Royal Summer … Continue reading »

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Menil Collection: The Coolest Little Art Collection in Houston

Houston’s Menil Collection You know that expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” that gets tossed about so flippantly? Well, perhaps it should be applied to museums as well. I’m even entirely aware that the Menil Collection’s main exhibits are housed in the first US building designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano. Somehow, though, … Continue reading »

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