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Blues Night in Bishkek

Two thoughts here: 1. Couchsurfing is still a great way to know both people and place. 2. Sometimes a place you think you sort of know throws something at you which you completely don’t expect. The intersection of these two thoughts? Blues night. When I set up a meeting with a Couchsurfer (Almaz) one evening … Continue reading »

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Couchsurfing: Zurich

Way back in Indonesia more than a year and a half ago, Greg and I were waiting on a ferry to take us to island snorkeling diving paradise. Surrounded by laughing Indonesian kids as she also waited for the boat to the Togeans, J’ana would go from a stranger in the port to a constant … Continue reading »

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BrandiDog: World Tour

After meeting a Swiss devotee of the game and playing a mad number of times in Indonesia’s Togean Islands, the Swiss girl (and so her board game) left town. Within one day, we had made a bootleg version so we could continue playing. Just a few days later, Greg and I met back up with … Continue reading »

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CouchSurfing: Makassar

I had originally intended to just pass through Makassar on the way out of the country but, as so organically happens sometimes, a friend of a friend that we met changed my mind. J’ona, the swedish girl who Greg and I traveled with through Togean and Tana Toraja, had Surfed in Makassar on her way … Continue reading »

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Couchsurfing: Dubai

Dubai is a city where the saving money aspect of CouchSurfing takes on more particular importance, because the cheapest hostel I could find in the entire UAE was in Sharjah (by all reports a pretty boring place) and still cost about $15 a night. Even more than that, though, Surfing for a week with a … Continue reading »

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Couchsurfing: Kiev

The reason I decided to skip that flight to Georgia and stay in Ukraine was almost entirely due to my Couchsurfing hosts in Kiev.  They showed me such an awesome time in town and such an awesome side of the city that I realized I would feel like I had shortchanged Ukraine were I not … Continue reading »

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Couchsurfing: Introduction

A big part of what makes any place interesting is the people who you end up hanging out with in the place.  Though hostels can sometimes provide awesome people, traveling through places like Uzbekistan and Ukraine in the off-season yield mostly-empty dorms in even the most popular cities. This makes something like Couchsurfing really useful … Continue reading »

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