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Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Monkey Dance

Bali’s Uluwatu Temple: The Kecak “Monkey Dance” Bali’s Uluwatu temple is beautiful, its clifftop location overlooking the Indian Ocean perfect for sunsets and engagement shoots and taunting indigenous macaques until they get fed up and rip your camera right out of your hand. While the temple itself is a beautiful backdrop, however, the temple is … Continue reading »

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Hari Raya Nyepi: Bali’s Day of Silence

Hari Raya Nyepi: Bali’s Day of Silence Imagine Nyepi in Bali. Picture South-East Asia. Motorbikes vie against big smoking diesel busses for space. The scream of mechanics’ tools and the barking of road-running dogs are overpowered only when you weave far into the depths of a market and the lowing of a fresh butchery or … Continue reading »

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Jyrgalan Tourism Fest – Community, Culture, and Kyrgyzstan

Jyrgalan Tourism Festival – Community, Culture, and Kyrgyzstan   Kyrgyzstan is a small landlocked country in Central Asia. Try again. Manas nomad culture of Kyrgyzstan  yurt 天山 vodka. No, not quite. Hiking In Heavenly Mountain, Land Of The Snow Leopards. Lovely, still no. Community. Culture. Collaboration. We’ll start there. A small village, once an important coal mining … Continue reading »

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The Museum of Innocence: Love and Madness in Istanbul

The Museum of Innocence: Love and Madness in Istanbul It’s all an elaborate and precisely constructed lie: a museum built to tell the story of a self-referential book created around the contents of the soon-to-finish museum. A tale of love and loss, but mainly madness, which is entirely fictional but in which the very real … Continue reading »

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Terezin Concentration Camp – Visiting the “Model Ghetto”

Terezin Concentration Camp: Visiting the “Model Ghetto” History isn’t always pretty and so, by extension, with travel. There are so many dark parts to our collective pasts, whether you happen to be in Prague or America or Cambodia or… anywhere really. Learning about these things in a book, at school, tends to leave one with … Continue reading »

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Lost in the Louvre Museum: Paris’ Most Crowded Moments.

Lost in the Louvre Museum: Paris’ Most Crowded Moments. If you’ve ever visited Paris’ Louvre Museum, perhaps you can recall a moment that looked a little like this: My first visit to the museum, on my first trip to Paris back in 2006, was very much like that. An all-out sprint to the Mona Lisa … Continue reading »

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Istanbul Archaeology Museum: Of Dead Kings and Weeping Women

Istanbul Archaeology Museum I’ve probably walked past one of the best museums in Istanbul over a hundred times without going in. Right in the heart of Sultanahmet, ticked between the Topkapi Palace and Gulhane Park, is the Istanbul Archeology Museum. Actually, thats a misnomer. This is actually the Istanbul Archeology MusuemS, three brilliant collection in … Continue reading »

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The Kyrgyz Cultural Capital

Among the many other reasons I really like Bishkek (mountains and visa-free entry being right towards the top of that list), one of the ones I didn’t expect before I arrived was the presence of constant cultural events. All three apartments I’ve lived in so far in Bishkek have been within just a few minutes’ … Continue reading »

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