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Sinbad: King of the Seas

If the Desert Safari was my favorite day in Hurghada, the Sinbad Submarine experience was undoubtedly the most novel. The introduction to Sinbad is sort of underwhelming, with a cheesy waiting area and a 30 min boat ride with free water and juice but not a whole lot more than that do do. Get to … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Palau

Photo Slideshow: Palau The Republic of Palau may be my new stereotypical tropical paradise. It has beaches, SCUBA, adventure sports, and plenty of trees to tie a hammock to at the end of the day. What more do you need really? Oh, right, rusty World War II heritage disintegrating back into the jungle and thousands … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Micronesia

Ever feel like you reeeeeally need to get away from it all? Yap State of Micronesia might just be the spot for you. A tenacious traditional culture, big ol’ Manta Rays underwater, and some of the most remote islands in the world. That’s Yap.

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Waters of Palau

You like diving, you say? Then get thee to the waters of Palau.   A day on and in the underwater world of the Rock Islands of Palau:

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Warm in the Waters of Micronesia

Yap underwater is not just about the Manta Ray, fortunately. With days of snorkeling from my beach camp and diving with Beyond the Reef I was lucky to spot a pretty healthy variety of species, which speaks more to Yap’s marine diversity than it does to me powers of perception. I was no more than 10 … Continue reading »

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Touched by a Turtle

PADI, easily the most popular SCUBA certification body I’ve seen around Asia, is pretty easy on regulations and formalities. Most of the people and shops I’ve dived with have also been pretty have also been pretty laid back folks, so aside from questions of safety the only thing you’re absolutely NOT intended to do is … Continue reading »

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Many Many Manta Rays

One of the biggest draws of SCUBA diving in Yap, indeed one of the biggest reasons tourists come to Yap at all, is the ready access to Manta Rays. Hundreds of miles from the next shallow reefs, the coral gardens of Yap make the perfect place for deep-diving manta rays to be cleaned of parasites … Continue reading »

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Holding my Breath

As far as I can remember, my last snorkel or SCUBA action was waaaay back on Jan 22nd on Pulau Kadidiri in Indonesia’s Togean Islands. This is far too long. Somebody, please, come to SE Asia and be the catalyst to get me to a beach!  

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